Streaky Bay - Fast Facts

Streaky Bay (including Haslam, Perlubie Beach and Point Labatt)
Tiny town surrounded by beautiful and fascinating coastline
Streaky Bay, which is located 727 km from Adelaide and 303 km from Port Lincoln, is a tiny town on the edge of the only safe deepwater harbour between Port Lincoln and King George Sound in Western Australia. While the town is pleasant, and has a slightly Mediterranean feel, its real attraction is that it is surrounded by some of the most fascinating coastal sites and scenery which the Eyre Peninsula can offer. The old water collector at Haslam, the beach racetrack at Perlubie Beach, the beautiful Smooth Pool on the Westall Way Scenic Drive and the seals lying in the sun on the rocks below Point Labatt make the charms of the township of Streaky Bay seem rather limited and uninviting.