Snowglobes at Christmas market, Vienna.?

Dreamy white Christmas

If you think the festive season is missing its magic, a wander through some of Europe's best Christmas markets will do wonders for your yuletide spirit, says Brian Johnston.

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Baltic states.  Pioneers (Soviet Scouts) sing a song at the Soviet Sculpture Garden, dubbed "Stalin World," in the ...

New beat in the Baltic

With a song in his heart, Adrian Bridge revisits Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia 20 years after independence.

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Tallinn, Estonia.

Tracks winding back

A dreadnought fan from childhood, Steven Herrick takes to the city trams to explore Tallinn and Riga.

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Crowd pleaser ... NK department store's windows draw crowds.

Ten towns a-trading

From Stockholm to Berlin via Budapest, Paul Ewart explores the best Christmas markets the Continent has to offer - where hand-made gifts, local delicacies and lashings of tradition are to be found.

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Powered by a single voice

Tallinn's dark age has been banished, replaced by sweet sounds amid stunning surrounds, writes Richard Tulloch.

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