Taurus baby names: astrology baby name inspiration

If you're expecting a Taurus, then you'll be delighted to know to expect the best of both worlds. Affable and easygoing, their external natures belie a cavernous underworld of resolve, assertiveness and single-mindedness, and yes, more than a little stubbornness too.

Taurean babies and toddlers are completely adorable and affectionate, but you're going to develop some clever strategies to get around their wiley ways that ensure that things go their way.

Openly opposing something they want to do will only deepen their resolve to get their own way, so being playful about standing your ground will be necessary in the early years. A gentle voice, a cuddle and some soft talking will bring them around.

If you think your Taureans child's down-to-earth nature and good behaviour is down to your parenting, you'd be wrong. The Taurus child gets along with everybody and doesn't like to cause a scene or break the rules too much, nor do they seek attention from others with drama or flamboyancy. They're stable, calm and known as mature and responsible, never failing to show up for what they've committed to, staying true to the Taurean element of earth.

If they ever do let you down, it will take you by surprise because it will rarely ever happen. And don't bother lying or attempting to placate them with hollow sentiments.

Taureans respond best to genuine interactions that encompass logic and affection - they can sniff out a faker from a mile away. They also love routine, so it's best to prepare them well for any big changes in their lives.

You won't fare too badly on the mess front either. Taureans are clean and tidy, favouring organised spaces that they keep in order with little to no prompting from you. 

In fact why don't we all just try for Taurean babies? Don't we all want kids like this?

Anyone who doesn't have a Taurean child will also be envious that they are the perfect blend of reliability, creativity and a love for all the great pleasures of life. Music, food, art and later, a wonderful sense of romance and sensuality make them excellent friends and life partners, especially when taking into account their emotional stability.


One thing to watch is a tendency towards hedonism; representing the ages of 7 to 14, Taureans demonstrate a youthful lack of restraint with their great love of all that is pleasurable and some tend to overdo it and become materialistic and self-indulgent. Teach and model life balance the best you can, and the worst of it can be avoided.

There are many lovely names to suit Taurean babies. We've handpicked these lists based on Taurus character, births stones, flowers and planets, and of course the symbol of Taurus - the bull - features heavily.


Adelaide - noble and kind

Ariadne - from Greek mythology - her symbol is a bull

Blossom - flower-like

Constance - constant

Daisy - birth flower of April

Danika - morning star (Venus)

Demeter - earth mother

Emerald - Taurus birthstone

Flora - flowering

Florence - prosperous, flowering

Gaia - earth goddess

Georgia - feminine form of George - farmer, earthworker

Isa - strong-willed

Lily - Lily of the valley is the May birth flower

Mae/May - the month of May

Petra - a small rock

Tara - hill - earth goddess

Venus - ruling planet of Taurus and Libra

Violet - Taurus flower

Wilhelmina - desire to protect


Bentley - from the moor

Benton - moor-dweller

Camden - from the valley

Dale - valley

Darius - wealthy

Denver - green valley

Dillon - faithful

Durant - firm, enduring

Edward - wealthy guardian

Ethan - firm, strong

Fabian - bean grower (from the earth)

Farley - meaning 'bulls pasture'

Fintan - 'white bull'

George - farmer

Hadley - heath

Hamlin - lover of home

Henry - ruler of the home

Joseph - will increase (succeed)

Kelby - place by the flowing water

Kingsley - king's wood

Marley - from the meadow

Otto - wealthy

Spencer - administrator

Taurus - the bull

Wesley - the west meadow


Queen Elizabeth II

Jessica Alba

Uma Thurman


Audrey Hepburn

Amber Heard

Megan Fox

Cate Blanchett

​Lily Allen

Emilia Clarke


​Shirley Temple

​Katharine Hepburn

Penélope Cruz

​Gigi Hadid

​Al Pacino

​William Shakespeare

Dwayne Johnson

Mark Zuckerberg

​Malcolm X

Fred Astaire

​Stevie Wonder

Taio Cruz


George Clooney

Pierce Brosnan

Channing Tatum

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