Tel Aviv, Israel, places to eat: Seven dishes you must try

Elad Shoham, wine and beverage director at Hotel Montefiore, knows where to find the best pasta in Tel Aviv and plenty else besides.


A signature dish, on the menu since 2004. A leg of duck conserved in duck fat after being soaked in salt, sugar, and brandy. The skin is crisp on the outside, and the meat inside is so tender it falls off the bone. It's served with dried fig in a syrup of cinnamon so the sweetness breaks the saltiness a little. See


With a modern yet classic twist on Italian cuisine, at Pronto restaurant you'll find some of the best pasta dishes in Tel Aviv, all made on the premises. My favourite is the oxtail cappelletti, served with grilled forest mushrooms and onions. The flavours are so deep, bursting with umami, yet made so delicately. See


The place is all about great meat grilled to perfection. It's also grilled to order so expect a little wait. The spicy veal heart demonstrates how good these less popular internal organs can be. When they ask you what to put inside, let them just put everything, and even if you're picky, don't miss the grilled onion and hot green pepper. 97 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv


Crab gyoza with ginger and spring onions is served with steamed Japanese aubergine and a very delicate foam of tom yum and pinenut miso. For me, Hotel Montefiore is about elegance and delicacy that does not need bold or exaggerated ornaments. This dish embodies that. See


Habasta is about great products prepared to perfection with great passion and thought, without making a fuss or hiding the main ingredient with a lot of different flavours. The veal brain, pan-fried in butter, lemon and sage, is an all-time favourite. See


A dish that is so simple yet so beautiful and balanced. The essence of grilled aubergine with just a little garlic and lemon. The secret is in the creamy, velvety texture – and the divine freshly baked focaccia that must accompany it. See


The place for meat. Whatever cut you choose to eat, the Arais dish is a must for a starter. It's kebab inside a grilled pita bread. The pita is crisp on the outside, keeping all the moisture and the juices of the meat inside. Dip it in the tahini and you have the perfect bite. See

Shoham Elad joined Tel Aviv hospitality group R2M in 2004 as part of the kitchen staff of Hotel Montefiore before working as floor manager of CoffeeBar. Inspired to learn about wine, he became the sommelier of Hotel Montefiore, then wine manager for the group, and more recently became wine and beverages director. See