The Age and Sydney Morning Herald Traveller section during coronavirus

Dear readers,

Aside from its annual hiatus over the festive season, Traveller in print has been published continuously in its nearly decade-and-a-half history in its current compact format. Until, sadly, now.

It's taken a once-in-a-century pandemic for the difficult decision to be taken to suspend publication of both the Saturday and Sunday editions.Only a month ago (an eternity in pandemic terms) Traveller was named "Publication the Year" at Mumbrella's 2020 Travel Marketing Awards.

But it's not the end of Traveller in print and we expect to resume publication as soon as Australians are again able to travel the world and, importantly, when the devastated travel industry recovers.

I maintain the view that, even now, Australians will never give up on travel and are still dreaming about it. That's why last week we launched a campaign, "Don't dream it's over", to encourage readers not to give up on travel and the people who make it a reality.

Fortunately, we still have our immensely popular website,, to keep readers informed and inspired 24/7 during this painful period and to continue our dream campaign (share your photos and stories on Instagram and Twitter via the hashtag #travelleraudream). Among the regular features you'll still find on Traveller's website are reader letters, the quiz and columns from Ben Groundwater and Michael Gebicki.

We look forward to the return of Traveller and to fully reengaging with our print readers later this year and,of course, we'll do our best to keep you informed of the progress and timing. And you can continue to correspond with us at, with the best letters continuing to be published online each week.


Traveller print editor