Travel tips: Ellyse Perry, champion Australian cricketer and athlete

The number of countries I've visited is 20 or so.

I got my first passport when I was 15.

My passport photo is a standard grumpy shot.

I can't stop going back to Japan, such a cool place.

Aisle or window? Window.

My last travel destination was the West Indies, for four weeks in November last year for a cricket competition

My next destination is Australia, travelling over summer playing in the Women's Big Bash League (WBBL) for the Sydney Sixers.

I'm really looking forward to the incredible vibe with people on holidays and enjoying the summer weather. Each state has something slightly different to offer as well which is really cool.

What I really want from my next trip is hopefully a few successful performances from our team, to discover some new cafes, and to sneak into the Australian Open tennis for a day when I'm in Melbourne this month.


I love to travel because it gives you an incredible sense of just how big and diverse our world is, and because it often makes me truly value how fortunate we are to live in such an amazing country.

My travel philosophy is not to just go to the tourist destinations but actually try and get a sense of what the locals like to do by hanging out in areas or places that are maybe a bit off the tourist track (and also to find a good cafe and coffee).

The one travel mistake I always make is packing clothes that I never end up wearing.

The one thing I really do get right when I travel is generally handling jet lag quite well.

If I had to sit in the middle seat on a plane, the passengers I'd want on either side of me would be comedian, composer, lyricist, musician, actor, writer and director Tim Minchin for his humour and insightfulness, and eight-time Olympic Games medallist swimmer Susie O'Neill, who is a childhood hero.

The one famous traveller I really admire is Nancy Bird Walton for being one of the early pioneers of flight.

The one famous person I'd like to travel with is tennis star Roger Federer. I think you might jump a few queues along the way, and it would be amazing to train with him.

Airline food is totally fine. I don't really feel it matters because you are on the plane primarily to get from A to B.

Airport security is very hit and miss.

Hotels are just a place to lay my head at night.

I've always wanted to go to Canada. I love activity and exploring and I feel like Canada has that in abundance.

I've never wanted to go to anywhere that is in conflict.

Ellyse Perry is the first Australian to play for her country in both the cricket and football World Cups, making her debut in both national sides at the age of 16. She scored her first test century against England in 2017 and is now focusing on her cricket career. See;