My travel life: Singer and actor Josh Piterman

Josh Piterman, award-winning musical theatre singer and actor, best known for his lead role in The Carole King Musical and his self-titled pop-opera album that went to No. 1 in the ARIA charts, is touring Australia solo from June 8 in Sydney, June 20 in Brisbane and June 22 in Melbourne.


ANY PASSPORT MISHAPS? No thankfully not yet. I'm the most anal person with my passport. I check that I have it maybe three or four times between home and the airport and again between check-in and security and again before the flight and again on the flight, and again after the flight and again in the cab etc etc. Don't worry, I annoy myself too.

I GOT MY FIRST PASSPORT WHEN I WAS seven years old in 1993.

MY PASSPORT PHOTO IS like an Eastern European mobster. Not high ranking; more of an underpaid henchman vibe.

I CAN'T STOP GOING BACK TO London. My girlfriend, Charlotte, lives there.

MY LAST TRAVEL DESTINATION WAS London for a month for some quality time with Charlotte and auditions for a couple of musicals.

MY NEXT TRAVEL DESTINATION IS London again, for more of the above.

I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO having the auditions done and dusted, and then I can't wait for some quality time with Charlotte. We are gonna head to Paris for a little romantic getaway.


WHAT I REALLY WANT FROM MY NEXT TRIP IS to nail these auditions and to eat loads of epic cheeses.

I LOVE TO TRAVEL BECAUSE it's a great way to feel alive, to feel absolutely present. The newness of places makes me curious and totally focused on the here and now. I think travel brings out our inner child; that sense of discovery we had when everything was happening for the first time.

MY TRAVEL PHILOSOPHY IS that it's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do. Just don't do anything painful in the process. Losing your dignity doesn't count as pain.

THE ONE TRAVEL MISTAKE I ALWAYS MAKE IS not bringing a beach towel!

THE ONE THING I REALLY DO GET RIGHT WHEN I TRAVEL IS splurging on great experiences and not getting caught in tourist traps. Always finding a local and getting some good advice from them.

IF I HAD TO SIT IN THE MIDDLE SEAT THE OTHER PASSENGERS I'D WANT ON EITHER SIDE OF ME WOULD BE director Frank Darabont and actor Morgan Freeman. I'd then watch their very famous film, The Shawshank Redemption, and get the director's notes from Frank in one ear and all of Morgan's character Red's narration from him in the other. I know it's a lot to ask but the fact that we're in a 500-tonne flying bus travelling across the world is proof that miracles do happen.

THE ONE FAMOUS TRAVELLER I REALLY ADMIRE IS sports people like tennis players, golfers, cricketers. Those men and women who have to spend so much time away from their families. It'd be extremely challenging, so big love to them!

THE ONE FAMOUS PERSON I'D LIKE TO TRAVEL WITH IS [Italian singer-songwriter] Andrea Bocelli. Tuscany is where my heart lives and he is basically royalty in that part of the world. We'd be treated like kings everywhere we went, plus infinite bowls of pasta, delicious wines and obviously lots of duets. Perfection!

AIRLINE FOOD IS better in business class.

AIRPORT SECURITY IS the definition of a love/hate relationship. A very painful necessity.

HOTELS ARE really great when they have pillow menus and 24-hour room service.

I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO Mauritius. White beaches, sleeping in my private hut elevated above crystal blue water. I'm literally salivating as I think about it.

I'VE NEVER WANTED TO GO TO North Korea. I'd imagine I wouldn't fit in too well politically and would probably struggle to get home.

AISLE OR WINDOW? 100 per cent aisle. Being a singer, I drink a lot of water to keep the voice hydrated while flying and the window seat makes me a very annoying passenger.