Tips for seeing Broadway shows in New York: Expert's top five tips

The vice-president of Broadway Inbound, Bob Hofmann has spent a lifetime around theatres and on Broadway's front line, bringing the world to the New York theatre district. See

STEP ONE Broadway is the most popular activity in NYC, and shows often sell out. Don't limit your choices by waiting or waste your valuable holiday time queuing for tickets. Speak to a travel agent and book in advance for the best seats and prices. If you don't have a travel provider, get tickets at

STEP TWO Broadway theatres are intimate venues, so you are never far from the stage, no matter the section. So, select a seat that fits your budget. Orchestra and front mezzanine centre are usually the best, and please don't worry if you are a little off centre – aren't most of us? 

STEP THREE Weeknights have the best availability. If you do not book in advance, the next best option is to purchase directly from the box office, as most shows make sure the theatre itself offers the best rates and they don't charge service fees. The Broadway theatre district is compact, with many theatres side by side. If there aren't tickets at one, try the next and embrace the new and unknown.

STEP FOUR The stage door after the show is the place for autographs and selfies. Not every actor is able to stop after the show but many do, so grab your playbill, don't forget your pen, and head to the stage door as soon as you exit the theatre. Better yet, go back the next night and line up before the curtain goes down so you're at the front of the line to score shareable moments!

STEP FIVE Having to perform live, eight shows a week, most actors become hermits once the curtain comes down, but not all. Broadway is a neighbourhood and there are countless bars and restaurants surrounding the theatres. Try Sardis, Bar Centrale, The Glass House Tavern or one of the many rooftop bars in the area. Keep your eyes peeled, but also respect the actors' space as this is everyone's down time.