Things to see, do and eat in Seminyak, Bali: Expert expat travel tips


Originally from Byron Bay, chef Daniel Medcalf has cooked on private yachts in Spain and in Kiwi ski fields, as well as Bondi Beach's Icebergs Dining Room and The Dolphin in Surry Hills. He now lives in Seminyak and is executive chef at The Slow in Canggu. See



Go down to the warungs on the beach and a have a beer while watching the sunset: it's the ultimate Bali experience, isn't it? I can't stomach any more warm Bintang, San Miguel pilsner is my go-to. At the end of Batu Belig, you'll find some warungs done up nicely with proper seating, others are still esky boxes with beanbags. They're cheap and locally run. You can do the big beach clubs if you're on holidays and want to veg out, but their prices are getting close to those at home, so getting back to the warungs, you feel like what you're meant to be doing in Bali; eating cheap, with no hassle


I am a surfer, I surf five mornings a week. For beginners, you've got Old Man's in Canggu , a nice gentle wave, while Double Six is pretty fickle and Ku De Ta has the occasional wave. My local is Berawa beach, which is no secret: there's big Bombies, a little boiler and a right and a left that runs all the way to the beach. The Ledge on the left of Finn's Beach Club is probably one of the best waves in the area, but it only works on certain tides.


In the last 15 years, there's been a real boom in restaurants here, but there's a lot of rubbish out there. For cheap eats, Ulekan is western-style Indonesian, with an amazing $8 nasi campur, while Atlas is really small, doing amazing roti and Malaysian curries. For a really good experience, we order the tasting menu at Sangsaka, where chef Kieran Morland is doing a modern take on Indo food. See


I think Expat roaster in Seminyak is probably the best coffee in Bali. I get a double-shot latte and they do amazing toasted sandwiches as well, with tomato relish, ham and cheese. Really simple, crisped up – I stumbled on them on my first day, right next to my house. And I'm biased, but my favourite place to get a drink that's not beer is The Slow. Order the Batur Negroni. It's further afield but worth the drive,


Don't drive anywhere between 3-9pm, it's just too hard, and it's too hot, especially at this time of year.