Thredbo and Perisher team up with one lift pass

If you ski in New South Wales then you'll know of the cold war between Perisher and Thredbo. The unspoken rivalry between Australia's largest resort, Perisher, and Australia's highest vertical resort, Thredbo, has divided many a dinner party in Sydney's snow set.

Just when we were about to call in Hilary Clinton to negotiate peace they surprise us all shaking hands in full public, dare we go as far as suggesting air kisses and high fives? You heard it here first in a Snow It All exclusive, Thredbo and Perisher have partnered up to offer their first combined lift pass.

The SuperSki Pass means families and friends need not choose which resort to ski for a week, they can do both. Purchase the five day lift pass between June 25 and September 4 and nominate your 'home' resort.

The lift pass gives you a minimum of three days at Perisher or Thredbo and then two more days at the other resort. But wait, there's more. It can be taken within a six day period and you can redeem an extra half day free on the day prior to your first full day.

When combined the lift pass offers over 1700 skiable hectares. This makes it the largest on offer on one pass in the southern hemisphere.

The pass sells for $499 for adults and $275 for kids and is a saving of $42 on single day tickets. The $42 saving in one week may not seem much but we all know skiing in Australia comes with some 'price challenges' so take it where you can get it I say.

The real news is the fact that Thredbo and Perisher are doing this at all. In the past you wouldn't invite both to the same wedding in fear of fisticuffs and you rarely saw staff members on their days off skiing at the resort that dare not speak it's name without dark glasses and balaclavas.

This 'big picture' move will hopefully be the first in many collaborated initiatives between Thredbo and Perisher. Sure, Falls Creek and Hotham and Perisher have their own combined season pass but they're owned by the same company.

The ski industry was abuzz last year when long time Thredbo marketing manager, Richard Phillips, jumped ship to Perisher. Dare we suggest that rather than a poaching by Perisher, he was sent in by Thredbo to start the peacekeeping?

Either way, the benefit lies in the consumer and that has to be a good thing.

For more information on the SuperSki Pass visit their website.

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