'Tinder for travellers': New app aims to connect lonely travellers at airport lounges

We've all been there at one point in our lives.

Sitting alone in an airport lounge, waiting to board while quietly stealing glances at fellow travellers and wondering, could they be the 'one'?

But thanks to the introduction of Lounger, a new app being hailed as a "Tinder for travellers" there is no need to ponder this thought for much longer. 

The app, recently launched by frequent fliers Jessica Nilsson and Fred Roeder, aims to connect lonely travellers who are looking for company, a friendly face, or even love. 

Lounger lets you "meet and mingle, or just do a favour to other passengers" and works on the same premise as Tinder. After registering for Lounger you build a profile though your Facebook account and choose the images you want to display. The app then allows you to pick which airport lounge you are in before checking out who else is using the service.

Co-founder Nilsson told The Huffington Post the idea of Lounger came from noticing their are a lot of lonely people in airport lounges around the world. "I'm always glancing at the people approaching the lounge trying to pick up the courage to speak to someone about being their plus-one without causing an awkward scene." Nilsson said.

"Flying is a pretty lonely business and transiting tends to be boring. We want to make it exciting. We're encouraging fellow travellers to be kind to strangers, socialise more, and why not use the app for dating?"

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