Tokyo's robot restaurant: Tokyo's weirdest restaurant comes to Sydney

If you ever wanted to experience the "other" side of Japan – the quirky, eccentric and pretty much out of this world side – then Robots Unrivalled is one intense laser-light, track pumping, robotic experience that is more like a toe-dip than a plunge into Japan's nightlife.

The Sydney show, organised by travel company Contiki to launch its 13-day tour of Japan that includes a visit to the original and extremely popular Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, was sold out within minutes of ticketing being released online.

The "weird" restaurant, choreographed and designed to emulate the original, started with a bento box dinner before guests were seated and the bizarre show kicked off. 

Music pounded through the speakers – Kanye West, J-pop, Chinese-pop and Psy's Gangnam Style – there wasn't a need to stick to J-pop clearly, anything that got the blood pounding and the head throbbing would do. The Vapors' Turning Japanese served as a nice interlude between intense electro beats and robot fights.

The show's lead performer, former Girlfriend band member Robyn Loau and her posse of dancers got the crowd going with tightly-clad outfits, an angle grinder and a giant float resembling something between a tank and a missile.

There were also futuristic guitarists, mock robot fights, laser lights and giant props of all sorts. Nothing should surprise but when a man in a chicken outfit headed to the main stage with a kung fu panda in tow, I wasn't quite sure what was happening. But it didn't really matter because none of it made much sense anyway. 

Darlinghurst bar and lounge Slide will host Robots Unrivalled's nine shows (the show closes on Wednesday night).

Tokyo's Robot Restaurant is located in Shinjuku's Kabukicho district. The show is usually sold out months in advance. 

Contiki's first Japan Unrivalled trip departs on the 14 March 2015. Travellers who book this tour can attend the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo on the third night of trip as one of the optional activities. The tour is priced from $4699 per person.