The Daly Waters Pub.

Daly Waters - Sleep

Daly Waters
A township which comprises a few houses and the very famous Daly Waters Hotel.
Even people who have never been to the Northern Territory know of the legendary Daly Waters Hotel. Today, with a population of about 23, the town of Daly Waters has little to commend it apart from its historical pub which is like no other pub you've ever seen before.

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The Daly River - looking upstream from the crossing.

Daly River - Sleep

Daly River (including Woolianna)
Small, sleepy outpost on the Daly River.
Located 224 km south of Darwin, Daly River is one of those outposts of civilization which seems to belong more in a novel than in real life. The river was discovered in 1865 by Boyle Travers Finniss, the first Premier of South Australia and Government Resident in the Northern Territory. Finniss named the river after Sir Dominick Daly, the Governor of South Australia. The region lay untouched by Europeans until 1882 when copper was discovered leading to the arrival of a wild mob of unruly miners.

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A baobad tree 63km west of Timber Creek

Timber Creek - Places to See

Timber Creek
Small town on the road from Katherine to the Kimberley.
Located on the Victoria Highway 285 km west of Katherine and 193 km east of the border between the Northern Territory and Western Australia, Timber Creek is a small centre which is rapidly growing in importance as a major stopping point on the journey from the Kimberleys to the Territory.

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The thermal pool at Mataranka Homestead

Mataranka - Places to See

Mataranka (including the Never-Never)
Small township and a large resort near the Stuart Highway in the famous 'never-never'.
Mataranka is located on the Stuart Highway 1059 km north of Alice Springs, 423 km south of Darwin and 107 km south of Katherine. It was once unkindly described by the writer Sumner Locke Elliott as 'this lonely strip of barren and seemingly endless sandy waste of ant-hills and stunted trees - thick, hot red sand in the winter time and a sea of mud during the dreaded 'Wet".

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The boxing croc at Humpty Doo

Humpty Doo - Places to See

Humpty Doo
Small town between Darwin and Kakadu.
Humpty Doo lies 47 kms from Darwin on the Arnhem Highway. It is famous for the fact that in the 1950s it was one of the great failed postwar agricultural experiments.

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The Victoria River at Victoria River Crossing

Victoria River - Places to See

Victoria River (including Gregory National Park, Wave Hill and Victoria River Downs Station)
Small settlement surrounded by a number of historically important destinations.
Known variously as Victoria River, Victoria River Crossing and Victoria River Inn, this tiny settlement (really nothing more than a roadhouse) is located on the Victoria Highway 194 km west of Katherine and 282 km east of the Northern Territory and Western Australia border.

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The oldChinese bakery in Pine Creek

Pine Creek - Places to See

Pine Creek
Fascinating historic town full of unusual buildings and memories of the old railway and telegraph line.
Located 248 km south of Darwin on the Stuart Highway Pine Creek was named after the local creek which was crossed in December 1870 by the teams constructing the Overland Telegraph Line. The creek was notable, as the name suggests, for the many pines on its banks. One of the OTL workers, Sydney Herbert, noted 'This creek was by no means large, but was remarkable for the pines growing there'.

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The Larrimah Hotel

Larrimah - Places to See

Larrimah (including Gorrie Airstrip)
Tiny township on the Stuart Highway south of Katherine.
The small settlement of Larrimah is located 184 metres above sea level on the Stuart Highway 534 km south of Darwin and 177 km south of Katherine. Originally the terminus for the infamous North Australian railway - 'the line to nowhere' - it was, in fact, 8 km to the north of the real terminus at Birdum. Today Larrimah is just another stopover point on the Stuart Highway with a roadhouse, a caravan park, budget accommodation and a delightful outback pub, The Larrimah Hotel, which was actually the pub at Birdum until it was moved to Larrimah in 1952. There are now no relics at all of the railway line which was closed down in 1976.

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