Tourists arrested for stripping off at airport

Two German tourists have been detained for taking their clothes off in the lobby of a Brazilian airport.

The two men allegedly changed their clothes in front of other passengers at the Salvador international airport while awaiting a flight back to Germany on Monday, authorities said.

Police formally accused the tourists of obscenity and said they could face up to one year in prison if convicted. They were released following a two-hour interrogation and were being allowed to leave the country, but signed a document promising to return to Brazil if requested by authorities.

The men were not identified by authorities.

Police inspector Maritta Souza said the 66-year-old man from Koenigsberg and his 64-year-old friend from Bad Bevensen said they thought it "was normal" to change clothes like that in Brazil, especially in a beach city like Salvador.

They said that they were late for their flight and needed to change into new clothes because one of them got wet during a boat trip and the other felt sick and vomited during the same trip earlier in the day.

A Brazilian passenger called police when he saw the tourists taking their clothes off in front of other people.

"I went there and asked if they would like to see other people taking their clothes off in front of his wife or in front of kids," Paulo Goes told Globo TV. "They just laughed."