Tourist's Twitter quest to find father and child photographed before Notre Dame caught fire

Just one hour before a fire destroyed much of the Notre Dame cathedral, visitors were - as always - enjoying the Paris icon.

Tourist Brooke Windsor was there moments before the flames started. Outside the grand gothic building, she captured a photo of what appeared to be a perfect father-daughter moment.

In her photo, a man is seen spinning a young child as her face beams with joy. They're standing underneath those instantly identifiable church towers, while other tourists mill in the background.

Windsor shared the photo on Tuesday, appealing to the internet to find the man in the photo. She said it was taken just one hour before the church changed forever, in a dramatic ball of flames.

"I almost went up to the dad and asked if he wanted it. Now I wish I had," she said.

Notre Dame was still standing on Wednesday after Paris firefighters extinguished the flames late on Tuesday. The stone cathedral survived,  but the damage to the building was enormous. 

Many of its treasures had been saved and the exquisite stained glass windows remained in place, seemingly immune to the previous day's flames.

Late on Tuesday, Windsor said she hadn't been able to find the man pictured.

Her photo and plea had been shared around the world.