Tracey Spicer

Tracey Spicer is a writer, TV news anchor, radio broadcaster and professional kid-wrangler. She has taken her children Taj and Grace around the world, to the tune of, "Are we there yet? Mum, are we there yet?".

'Malini', by Robert Hillman, set in Sri Lanka, is the latest book in the 'Through My Eyes' fiction series written for ...

Mums, it's time to retreat

When I heard a loud thud - and equally loud expletive - I knew something had gone horribly wrong.

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Kids by the pool

Mama Holiday

The Ten Commandments of travelling with kids

''There are two classes of travel: First class, and with children,'' the humorist Robert Benchley wrote. But family travel can be lovely, as long as you follow these Ten Commandments.

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