Tracey Spicer

Tracey Spicer is a writer, TV news anchor, radio broadcaster and professional kid-wrangler. She has taken her children Taj and Grace around the world, to the tune of, "Are we there yet? Mum, are we there yet?".

Skiing with children gets easier with time and can soon become your favourite family holiday.

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The truth about skiing with children

Younger children can be put off by the cold, the spills and the layers of clothing, but kids seem to enjoy skiiing more the older they get.

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Things you shouldn't say in Paris

It's easy to confuse 'foot' for 'foutre': the 'f' word in French. Or 'Je suis chaude' which doesn't mean, 'I feel warm'; it means, 'I feel horny'.

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Peel off the highway to visit the Big Banana, at Coffs Harbour.

Tracey Spicer

What happened to the Aussie road trip?

The great Aussie road trip is always remembered with fondness – no matter how chaotic it seems at the time.

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