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Should you travel if you already had the coronavirus?

Is travel safer if you've had COVID-19?

Last month, the Icelandic government announced visitors who can prove they have recovered from a coronavirus infection can skip the country's new border measures when they arrive.

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Aircraft storage facilities are typically located in deserts, where the the warm, low-humidity, salt-free air of ...

Airlines warned over safety as jets return from pandemic storage

Regulators, insurers and experts are warning airlines to take extra care when reactivating planes left in extended storage during the COVID-19 pandemic, citing potential pilot rustiness, maintenance errors and even insect nests blocking key sensors.

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Christmas cancelled calendar, due to Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Christmas cancelled

The European countries cancelling Christmas

Perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky. In the UK, our leaders have decreed that Christmas will not be cancelled this year, but merely sanitised to within an inch of its life.

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