Travel planning

Many of the reviews you're reading may be fictitious.

How to spot fake reviews on travel websites

You might want to think twice about making reservations at that restaurant with only five-star raves. And that hotel with all those one-star pans may very well be fine. The reason? Many of the reviews you're reading may be fictitious.

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Kangaroo poses at North Stradbroke Island, Queensland.

Australia's ten most popular Instagram posts of 2020

What does a kangaroo enjoying a belly scratch and a moving tribute to our fire fighters emblazoned on Sydney Opera House have in common? They're Australia's most popular Instagram posts this year according to Tourism Australia.

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Sacha Baron Cohen in a scene from Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.

Borat's back and he'sā€¦ kind of racist

The whole world, once again, is laughing at Borat. It's laughing at America. And of course it's laughing at Kazakhstan. I get the joke. But if it was anyone else, it wouldn't be funny.

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Right now, even a bad holiday sounds better than being at home.

The worst trip I've ever been on as a travel writer

I'm sharing it just to let you know that sometimes the life of a travel writer is amazing, sometimes it's inspiring, sometimes it's shockingly lavish ā€“ and sometimes, it sucks. On this trip, it sucked.

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