Travel tips: Where to stay in London that's easy to catch a train to and from Gatwick Airport?

After a five-day stay in London flying to Gatwick from Sydney, thinking about staying near Victoria train and coach station. Hoping there are lots of buses here, plan to use an oyster card to get around zones one and two. J. Podmore, Sydney

A hotel close to Victoria Station is ideal for getting out to Gatwick via the Gatwick Express but limiting your accommodation choices simply to make your departure easier is not necessarily the best strategy. Since Victoria is close to central London hotel prices are reasonably steep. However, if $250-$300 per night is within your budget then this would be a good choice. You're within easy walking distance of many of the city's highlights, there are plenty of buses in this area and if you use an Oyster Card you can travel at minimum cost. Zones one and two cover all the major tourist attractions within central London.


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