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In response to Carmelia Sofrone's letter (Traveller Letters, August 7) about too many complaints by readers, I must say that as a traveller I find it extremely useful to have travel issues pointed out. Maybe I can benefit from someone else's misfortune. If she thinks that waiting on line for Qantas for five hours is fun, I'd happily invite her to wait on line for me next time. It is also not fun (again Qantas) to have your flight changed on two separate occasions so that you arrive after your Qantas connection has left.

Vince Vozzo, Blairgowrie, VIC


Camelia Sofrone is right about complainers - some should really stay home. But other complaints in Traveller Letters are helpful and can spare us a lot of trouble and woes when we venture into strange places. So, in short, I enjoy Traveller's letters page every week, no matter what.

Kris Mckeon, Cowra, NSW


To Camelia Sofrone, who asked, "is it only complainers who write into Traveller?": judging by your own complaining, the answer is "yes"!

Fiona Sue, Pymble, NSW



In May, we were very lucky to join a 10-day APT Tour from Cairns to the Cape York Tip and Thursday Island. During the 1,800km journey from Cairns to Bamaga we travelled in a large four-wheel drive bus over many unsurfaced roads with ease and comfort. The Itinerary included Port Douglas, Mosman Gorge, Cape Tribulation, the Daintree, Cooktown, Weipa, Punsand Bay and Thursday Island with accommodation ranging from the luxury of Mirage, Port Douglas to Daintree Lodge, Lotus Bird Lodge at Yarraden (a twitcher's paradise) and Bramwell Station's dongas. We walked to the "Tip" - not easy, but an achievement - and flew over Cape York, which was an adventure in itself in a doorless helicopter . As well as Thursday Island there is a Tuesday , Wednesday and Friday Island (the home of Kazu Pearls). The Islands were named by Captain Bligh as he charted the coastline. From Thursday Island we went to Horn Island where a major air base was bombed in World War Two by the Japanese. The journey would not have been as enjoyable if we hadn't had our "Two wonderful Girls" who drove and guided us over the 10 days. To Louise our knowledgeable guide and Trish our competent driver, a big thank you.

Jannette McGuinness, Mosman, NSW


Seeing overseas travel is not a possibility at present, we have had great pleasure in reliving past trips by looking at photos, diaries and even old slides (remember the fun the old slide nights were?). Perhaps one day we will be able to travel overseas again and create new memories.


Jenny Latimer, Bentleigh, VIC


Due to the WA Government not letting Victorians enter during June and July, my wife and I had to change our planned driving holiday. I waited until no longer feasible to reach accommodation before cancelling each booking. Most hosts provided full refunds. There were two notable exceptions. Airbnb charged substantial "admin fees" for two bookings, despite hosts being willing to provide full refunds. I am still disputing these charges. Sadly, the other culprit was WA Parks and Wildlife. Whilst the amount lost was small (camping fees at Millstream, Karijini and Purnululu), it is extremely disappointing that Premier Mark McGowan locked Victorians out of his state and his own public servants refused to provide full refunds.

Tony Cogan, Blairgowrie, VIC


It's the bi-annual bulky waste collection this week in our Sydney suburb and our daily walk provided a reflection of the stuff people dispose of. I pondered as I took in the variety of items, not least the number of travel luggage items. Have people decided they have been carrying too much baggage or are they resigned to the fact that they won't be travelling too far in the immediate future?

Allan Gibson, Cherrybrook, NSW


I would like to give Bunnik Tours a thumbs up for their prompt refund of the total amount paid for a tour to South Australia and King Island, which had to be cancelled. I was told it would take two to three weeks and the refund arrived in four days. Well done Bunnik Tours. I will stick with you.

Neva Dunstan, Ballarat, VIC


I'm mystified as to what job Christoper Dallas of Melbourne (Traveller Letters, August 7) does that necessitates him travelling overseas - not just once but twice during COVID. People who have family members dying are unable to enter Australia but Christopher seems to swagger in and out as he pleases.

Gillian Baker, Oatley, NSW


Christopher Dallas, I'm glad you have managed to continue travelling for work. But as we have seen celebrities come and go as they please, and business people, my wish to visit family in Europe is a different story. Homesickness and elderly parents are not good enough reasons for an exemption and obviously the extra cost of quarantine is huge, when you add it on top of possibly a business class ticket to be able to go.

Hanna McLean, Cremorne Point, NSW


Western Australia's Coral Coast drive, as highlighted in your story (Traveller, August 7) brought back wonderful pre-lockdown memories of this meander. We marvelled at the Pinnacles in the late afternoon sun, stayed at Kalbarri spending time among the wildflowers in the national park . We travelled on to Denham, Coral Bay and Exmouth experiencing all the tourist pursuits on offer. On our return journey to Perth, we stayed at the iconic Billabong Roadhouse. We met a proud Nyoongar family there, on their way north, and shared stories as we stood outside photographing the full moon. Wonderful memories. We will be back when the virus allows.

Meg Dunn, Mona Vale NSW

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