Traveller Q&A: Andrew Walsh

Andrew Walsh Artistic director of White Night Melbourne, an annual dawn-to-dusk arts festival.


I love the Haymarket and Charlotte Street hotels in London, part of the Firmdale group. The Haymarket has an indoor pool complete with a programmed light show and gold poolside couches.

Kit Kemp's design is stylish and welcoming, with a sophisticated flare in the heart of the media and theatre district.


Having spent much of the past few years commuting to and from Athens and Europe, Emirates gets my vote for great on-board service, and the lounge in Dubai enables me to have a shower in transit and arrive feeling fresh and ready to go.


I'm not a resort kind of person, but one of the most spectacular places in which we have stayed in the past few years would be a beautiful Dubrovnik apartment in the old town.

Dubrovnik is a must-see city. Swimming at Buza, a hole in the wall that enables you to climb down the cliffs and plunge into the Adriatic or perch on a rocky outcrop and have a refreshing drink from the outdoor bar, is a must.



Thank goodness for wheels. I am currently using Crumpler. They are well designed but also have the benefit of being in a range of bright colours, making it easy to spot your bag on the carousel and get out of the airport.


Notebooks and pencils are essential in my line of work; I'm constantly sketching and drawing as I see interesting and inspiring spots while I'm on the road.

I also have a habit of taking a spare phone that I buy a local SIM card for (avoids coming home to surprise phone bills), and a spare credit card that I leave in the hotel room, just in case.