Traveller readers asked: Are Melbourne-Singapore Scoot flights really happening?

Following a story I wrote on Scoot resuming Melbourne- Singapore from November 9 and Singapore-Melbourne flights from November 21, I received several emails from readers "fact-checking" if the announcement is true and if I can keep them updated.

News of Singapore-based airline Scoot resuming weekly flights from Melbourne to Singapore, from November 9, has garnered a lot of interest with readers emailing to ask if it was indeed true.

The announcement has been taken with a grain of salt, especially among those anxiously monitoring the news and government updates to learn of when – an exact, non-shifting date – they can return home to Melbourne. However, as at the time of publishing, the November 9 story remains true.

While the first resumed Scoot Melbourne-Singapore flight was scheduled to take off on November 9, it in fact didn't. Not because of any changes to restrictions or borders, but because there were only a few passengers booked on the reinstated flight.

The passengers where moved to a Singapore Airlines (Scoot's parent company) which took off on the same day and arrived safely in Singapore.

Scoot operates a Boeing 787 Dreamliner on the route, which has a capacity of 375 seats.

However, the airline says in certain jurisdictions, some seats may need to be blocked off for operational purposes to comply with regulations. The numbers may vary depending on the jurisdiction. 

Scoot Melbourne-Singapore flights on November 16, 23 and 30 did take off, carrying passengers.

Traveller readers were most keen on news of the November 21 resumption of the Singapore-Mebourne flight, though many were wary, given the circumstances surrounding stories they have heard and read about Australians and foreign nationals trying to access flights to and from Australia during the pandemic.


The airline has confirmed flight restrictions for the Singapore-Mebourne have been extended to December 6, 2020. The airline hasn't changed it position and is planning to open this route once restrictions are eased.

What about a Sydney-Singapore flight?

Readers also wanted to know "why Melbourne first?" The carrier suspended flights from Sydney-Singapore in March and has made no comments yet on when it will resume the route. Melbourne-Singapore is the only route the airline has will resume this year.

The airline says there are a number of factors it takes into consideration.

"There is close coordination within the [airline group] to determine which airline is best suited to serve which route within the combined network, taking into account traffic profile, network connectivity, border restrictions, operational efficiency, route economics and other strategic and competitive considerations.

"This is reviewed on an on-going basis, subject to changes in both passenger and cargo demand, as well as regulatory developments."

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