TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice awards: World's top destinations on the rise in 2016

The world's largest travel review site TripAdvisor has named a resort town on Mexico's Caribbean coast as the number one destination on the rise for 2016 in its global list.

Tulum, famous for its Maya archaeological sites and its thriving food and cultural scene secured the top spot over hot-to-trot destinations Cartagena, Colombia (No.2) Porto, Portugal (No.3) Gatlinburg, Tennessee (No.4) and Moscow, Russia (No.5).

"Tulum Beach in the Riviera Maya is so far one of the best beaches in the world! This exotic and amazing piece of paradise is still virgin to the human eyes, the jungle connecting with the white sand and turquoise waters is the perfect combination for relaxation," a TripAdvisor reviewer said.

Read the list of world's top 10 destinations on the rise below.

In South Pacific region, Brisbane has been named as the top destination ahead of Queenstown, New Zealand (No.2), Auckland, New Zealand (No.3),  Wellington, New Zealand (No.4) and Hobart, Australia (No.5).

"It comes as no surprise that Brisbane tops the list of Destinations on the Rise within the South Pacific region. With an abundance of great places to eat, drink and explore, matched with an all-year temperate climate, it's the perfect place for travellers to visit," said Jean Ow-Yeong, a TripAdvisor spokesperson.

While New Zealand dominated the top five spots, the spilt was 50/50 when it came to the overall top 10 with five Australian cities and Five New Zealand cities making the list.

Read the list of top 10 South Pacific destinations on the rise below.

Travellers' Choice world's top 10 destinations on the rise

1.       Tulum, Mexico  


2.       Cartagena, Colombia 

3.       Porto, Portugal

4.       Gatlinburg, Tennessee 

5.       Moscow, Russia 

6.       Brighton, United Kingdom 

7.       New Delhi, India 

8.       Banff, Canada 

9.       Lima, Peru 

10.     Foz do Iguacu, Brazil 

Travellers' Choice top 10 destinations on the rise in the South Pacific

1.       Brisbane, Australia 

2.       Queenstown, New Zealand 

3.       Auckland, New Zealand

4.       Wellington, New Zealand 

5.       Hobart, Australia 

6.       Christchurch, New Zealand 

7.       Taupo, New Zealand 

8.       Margaret River, Australia 

9.       Broome, Australia 

10.   Surfers Paradise, Australia

Fifty two destinations around the world were considered in the Destinations on the Rise award. The rankings were measured and determined based on a year-over-year increase (in the positive) of TripAdvisor review ratings of accommodations, restaurants and attractions, across the destinations. 

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