Tripologist: No mystery behind magic tours

My husband and I are planning a trip to Ireland and France with a side tour of Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The tour is handled by a company called EuroAdventures. The tour is on We have checked with a travel agent in Canberra and they can't find the company in any tour book. Is there any way we can find out details? They run tours from Madrid.

- L. Wityk, Deakin, ACT.

EuroAdventures certainly exists ( and so does the tour you're considering. The company's co-owner and tour operations manager is Sean O'Rourke, whose passion for his adopted homeland of Galicia shines through in the tours he organises. The company's website offers specialty, off-the-shelf theme tours in Spain and Portugal that will set your heart racing, whether your penchant is golf, spas, wine, tapas, cycling, horse riding or historic hotels.

As well as Spain and Portugal, the group bus tour you're looking at includes a few days in Morocco, visiting the cities of Fes, Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakesh. The tour offers a rich cultural diet that will keep you busy and entertained for 16 days of travel. The histories of Spain and Morocco are intertwined and you'll see some remarkable parallels in the art, architecture and food of both countries.

If you want something from the top shelf, Abercrombie & Kent ( tailors bespoke journeys and north Africa is one of its specialties. You might also check the website of Intrepid Travel (