Tripologist: US road trip all adds up

A mate and I plan to fly to San Francisco and hire a motor home with shower and toilet. Over 32 days between November 21 and December 23, we hope to go to Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Roswell, Dallas, New Orleans, Panama City in Florida, Miami and Atlanta. We will then drop the rig in Washington, DC. Just a couple of questions. Are we stupid? Can the passenger sleep in the back while the other person drives? We have estimated our travel time in the motor home using Google Earth and another website; how much longer do you think it will take? Will snow affect our travels?

- R. Clarke, Tamarama.

Easy bits first. Stupid? Not at all. I calculate the motor home will cover 7658 kilometres, so assuming you can rack up about 800 kilometres on the drive days, that means 10 days on the road, which is perfectly OK over 32 days. Even a motorhome should have no problem travelling 100 kilometres an hour on interstate highways.

As far as sleeping while travelling goes, it is not illegal, although some states require drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts at all times. Also, it's not a bad idea to sleep with your feet facing forward. Snow shouldn't be a problem; your itinerary involves relatively low altitudes through southerly states that don't see much snow. Although Washington, DC, was dumped on last winter, that amount of snow was unusual.

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