Trunkster suitcase: Is this the world's sexiest suitcase?

Trunkster is said to provide a "sexy silhouette, impeccable construction and intelligent features," designed to give travellers the "most streamlined travel experience".

It comes as a carry-on bag (22in x14in x 9in; weighing about 7.9lbs) and a larger checked bag (27in x 19in x 11in; weighing about 9.9lbs) and is currently priced at $US295 ($346)and $US335 respectively, with early bird prices set at $US205 and $US255.

Trunkster features a sleek sliding cover that glides up and down the front face of the suitcase, eliminating the need to open and close zips to access your bag. The waterproof rolling cover is said to be "extremely durable", made with a hard exterior and bendy interior, and designed to endure "the perils of baggage handling" and offers an "enhanced level of theft protection" with a combination lock approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The rest of its construction is made with plane grade aluminium and a "durable, lightweight, and scratch resistant" virgin polycarbonate material.

Other high-tech features include a removable battery charger or a USB charger (available only in the carry-on size) which has a charging capacity of 15000 mAh and charging output capacity of 3 Amps.

There is also a built-in digital scale to weigh your luggage, which is activated by lifting the luggage. The measurement can be displayed in either pounds or kilograms.

The smart suitcase can also be upgraded (at a cost of $US40) to be GPS-enabled, allowing it to be tracked from any device connected to it, useful for those who fear losing their luggage. Its GPS is said to be based on the same technology used by Apple's 'Find My Mac' software.

Other enhanced elements include "robust, ribbed, omni-directional" wheels that are said to run "smoothly and silently" over all surfaces, as well as specially-made compression panels to help pack down the contents of your luggage.


All of its features are said to be compliant with airline and international travel regulations.

The Trunkster suitcase, created by New York-based designers, was posted on the ideas website Kickstarter this month, with the hope of raising funds for its production. Its expected delivery time is currently August 2015.

Trunkster is the latest in a series of unusual suitcase designs that have been recently introduced, such as Bluesmart - a suitcase synced to an app on your smartphone, allowing it to lock, weigh and track itself. Bluesmart also includes a powerful battery charger that can charge your phone six times over and charge up to two devices simultaneously.

Last month, a Chicago-based entrepreneur introduced a suitcase that could be converted into a chair. The four-wheeled suitcase by neXstep luggage comes with a pull-out handle that can be detached and unfolded into a backless chair. The seat can also function as a luggage rack for unpacking or packing your suitcase.

The City Cab, a motorised suitcase that doubles a scooter, also surfaced earlier this year. The three-wheeled electrical suitcase, fitted with a steering grip, brakes, safety lights, a horn, a GPS device and a theft alarm, carries up to two passengers, seated on its side, travelling up to a speed of about 20 km per hour and a maximum distance of about 60km.

One man also invented a chair that can be "magically" folded into a small suitcase in seconds. The wooden suitcase, which was said to have been designed by a magician, weighs 4.6kg and is priced at $US299 at China Magic.

A robotic suitcase that allows for hands-free luggage was introduced in 2012. The Hop is self-driving and allows travellers to walk unburdened by the weight of their bags.

The Telegraph, London