United Airlines releases a cookbook so you can make airline food at home


You can now cook your favourite airline meals at home with this new recipe book.

While United Airlines often find themselves at the tail end of plane-related jokes, this is no laughing matter.

More than just peanuts and pretzels, the book contains 40 recipes from the airline's executive chefs that are served in Polaris business class. As an example, it includes a recipe for a fancy-sounding "coconut soup with sambal oelek chicken".

On the more dubious side, it also includes a selection of recipes used for its international economy passengers. I'm not sure I'll be knocking up its oily pasta concoctions at home.

So it's good to hear that a portion of the sales will go to The Trotter Project, a non-profit organisation that provides culinary and educational programs for students of the restaurant industry in the United States.

It is not the first company to release a book on airline food. Budget darlings Southwest Airlines released one in 2006 called Feel the Spirit, Savor the Fare, which according to Amazon, "is by and for Southwest Airlines employees" and has more than 737 recipes, quotes and more. We're not sure if that's an in-joke related to the Boeing planes it uses, but sadly the book is no longer available to find out.

Delta Airlines also released a book in 1987. Compiled by flight attendants, it was called First Class Meals at a time when the meals were possibly as lavish as the title suggested.

For now, you can satisfy your curiosity on how to cook an airline meal by purchasing a book from United's website, where the United Polaris Cookbook retails for $US29.99.