US plane passenger Vincent Peone who had entire Delta flight to himself didn't tell the full story

Last week one passenger in the US seemed to have hit the jackpot - an entire plane to himself.

Thanks to a rescheduled flight, Vincent Peone posted on Twitter that he was the only flyer on a Delta Air Lines jet from Aspen, Colorado, to Salt Lake City en route to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

His video showed him being called to the gate, meeting the pilots, and enjoying his very own "private jet".

Delta Connection Flight 3652 pushed back but developed a mechanical problem and returned to the gate.

In a statement to the The Washington Post, Delta spokesperson Anthony Black said: "The aircraft departed a short time later without any customers onboard."

Peone said in a follow-up tweet that he got a "normal" flight the next day and that the video was a "director's cut".

"Thank you Delta for an awesome experience last week. My video was 100 per cent true ... and then I stopped filming.

"After the private jet broke down again with mechanical problems, I took a normal one the following morning.


"The footage I have tells a short, funny, and positive story - because those are the kind of stories I like to tell. I make comedy! Consider it the Director's cut. I had some laughs with the amazing crew while living the dream. The story took off fast, but the plane didn't."

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