traditional glass-maker. Venice

Island hopping

Away from the hustle of Venice, Peter Munro explores the Venetian Lagoon, where he finds artisans and quiet cafes.

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Happy trio ... the writer with her mother and husband at Burano.

And mother makes three

What happens when a seventysomething eschews escorted touring for an independent jaunt with family? Some might predict disaster. Dayle Green finds out.

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ight moves ... a gondolier glides by in the moonlight

After dark, my sweet

Venetian crowds and cliches don't do much for that loving feeling but the city after sunset seduces Jean-Paul Pelosi.

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Rio Carnival

The world's 10 greatest parties

From Venice and Rio to Bolivia's Oruro, some cities really know how to kick up their heels. Natalie Paris chooses the best

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Composed ... Teatro La Fenice.

Rhapsody in the maze

From black-tie opera under frescoes to quartets on the cobblestones, Rob McFarland explores a living Venetian legacy.

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