The legendary Cafe Hawelka.

24 hours in Vienna

Along cobblestone streets, Robert Upe enjoys smoky coffee houses and the sweet cakes of this European city.

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Caffeine hits ... the dark ambience of Cafe Hawelka.

Coffee and civilisation

Viennese coffee houses are central to the city's life, especially in winter. Michael Henderson nominates his favourites.

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River cruises are a great way to see Europe.

Settle in for a wild glide

River cruises are a great way to take in the sights of Europe. Caroline Gladstone looks at some of the year's best.

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Paris's Le Train Bleu

Stops all stations

Inspired by the Orient Express, Alice Russell embarks on a 4000-kilometre train journey from London to Istanbul.

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Film still from " THE THIRD MAN " 1950  Orson Welles

Ode to a masterpiece

Sixty years after its release, a film-noir classic is remembered in a private Vienna museum, writes Sue Wallace.

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