Virgo baby names: astrology baby name inspiration

If you're having a little Virgo chances are they won't give you grief in the rule-breaking and mess-making department. Fastidious, neat and sticklers for the rules they have a need to be busy and feel a huge sense of responsibility to family and society.

You must take care to observe your Virgo's sensitivity and deal with it gently. Their feelings run deep and they are prone to being more easily hurt than many of the other star signs.

They like to be helpful and often worry they aren't pulling their weight enough, so always give them achievable tasks while they're little and they'll blossom under your instruction. Feeling needed is essential to the soul of a Virgo so be sure to notice when they are trying extra hard to be helpful.

Virgos are famous for their love of order. In childhood they will line up their toys and keep their rooms immaculately, and as adults their homes will be pristine.

They'll probably be bossy towards siblings who care not for these things and might create some friction with their insistence on having things their way. They'll need to be guided to take a more gentle approach. That said, they are extremely loving, affectionate and loyal and will stick by friends and family no matter what.

Ruled by Mercury and born between August 23 and September 22, Virgo is one of a trilogy of earth signs that also includes Taurus and Capricorn. It is the sixth sign of the zodiac representing the ages of 35 and 42, often one of the busiest times of life. Virgos feel responsible for their loved ones and will often be found going out of their way to be of service to others in their work, community and family units.

Being the sign of the earth mother goddess Demeter, Virgo is also the second largest constellation and in ancient times, considered responsible for the harvest. Demeter was in charge of the seasons which determined the growing cycle of plants and birthing of animals. It is for this reason our Virgos are our worriers as Virgo was in charge of the survival of whole societies.

Virgo babies are often observant, shy and curious and will always follow your lead. As they get older, they are solid leaders who can be relied upon to do the right thing in a fair and orderly fashion. Make sure to respect their privacy and need for order and don't discipline them too harshly. They will respond best to a calm but firm approach. Don't put too much pressure on them because they're already doing that for themselves, being the perfectionists they are.

We've found all the baby names you'll ever need for your little Virgos, based on their characteristics, qualities and ruling planet and element. And because Virgo is so closely linked with nature, be sure to check out 64 names based in nature.



Adamina - the earth

Agatha - virtuous, good

Amelia - industrious

Anona - harvest goddess

Aster - birth flower of September

Avani - earth

Azure - blue, like Virgo's birthstone the sapphire

Cybele - mother

Daya - kindness, mercy

Demeter - earth mother

Emma - universal

Gaia - earth

Georgia - farmer

Hermione - earthy

Hestia - goddess of the hearth

Honor - honourable

Indigo - blue, like Virgo's birthstone the sapphire

Kaia - earth

Millicent - work

Paige - assistant

Pia - pious

Poppy - birth flower of August

Sapphire - Virgo birth stone

Solange - earth angel

Theresa - harvester

Virginia - pure

Zola - earth


August - birthday month of Virgo - means 'revered'

Benedict - blessed

Bronson - brown-haired one

Bruno - brown

Curtis - courteous

Demetrius - related to goddess of the harvest Demeter

Dimitri - related to goddess of the harvest Demeter

Donovan - dark warrior

Ezra - helper

George - farmer

Jared - down to earth

Jarvis - a spear servant

Hugo - bright in mind and spirit

Josiah - God has healed

Marshall - steward

Mason - works with stone

Raphael - God has healed

Reeve - bailiff

Septimus - from the Roman calendar when September was the seventh month

Seth - appointed

Famous Virgos



Elizabeth I from England

Blake Lively

Cameron Diaz

Sophie Loren

Salma Hayek

Agatha Christie

Pippa Middleton

Nicole Richie

Jada Pinkett Smith

Rachel Bilson

​Greta Garbo

Stella McCartney

Maria Montessori

Prince Harry

Tom Hardy

Chris Pine

Rupert Grint

Ray Charles

Hugh Grant

Mark Ronson

Guy Ritchie

Colin Firth

Michael Jackson

Niall Horan

​Liam Payne

Michael Bublé

Adam Sandler

Nick Jonas

​Jimmy Fallon

Romeo Beckham

Keanu Reeves

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