Walking holidays in Australia: 'Adventure in a Box' delivers trip to your door

For more than two decades RAW Travel focussed on independent hikes around the globe, covering the pilgrimage trails and UNESCO routes of Japan's Kumano Kodo and Europe's Camino de Santiago.

With the demise of international travel in 2020, the Victorian company's COVID-19 re-invention was to create 40 walking trips in Australia, including pilgrimage trails in Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia.

Dave Reynolds, co-founder and managing director of RAW Travel with his wife Mel, says the company came up with something to suit the times.

"Australians are craving connection with nature and want to explore their own country," Reynolds says.

And in line with the rise in popularity of home delivery, the Mornington based walking company's other new initiative is "Adventure in a Box".

Reynolds says information, food, navigation and bookings combined into one service for independent hikers delivered to the door is a world first.

"People don't want to spend endless days researching their trip, working out what they need to book, and preparing their food. We've tackled those big barriers," he says.

"These are hikes for people who want to escape and explore the most epic landscapes in Australia, taking on the challenge and adventure of walking independently."

Each hike comes with a comprehensive preparatory guide, an easy-to-use walking app that doesn't require Wi-Fi and food for the entire trail.

"We've pulled in flavours inspired by the Australian bush and our international travels to produce more interesting flavours than people associate with hiking food," he says of the dishes that include Caribbean hotpot and slow-roasted ratatouille with bush tomato. .

Trips start from $199 and range from a three-day micro-adventure on Victoria's Grampians Peaks Trail to a 60-day 1000-plus kilometre expedition on Western Australia's Bibbulmun Track.

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