Welcome to 'Fugging': Austrian village with world's rudest name gives up, changes it

For years, it has been the subject of countless jokes, as well as the constant victim of light-fingered tourists, but the Austrian town of F...... has finally had enough.

Officials in the small village of 100 residents near the German border have decided to change its name to "Fugging".

"I am confirming that it has in fact been decided by the local council. I will not say any more about it," Tarsdorf Mayor Andrea Holzner told Reuters.

Over the years locals have been exasperated by the constant stealing of street signs with the village's name. They eventually had to restore to welding signs to concrete blocks in the ground.

Officials also had to install CCTV to prevent naked tourists from filming themselves in front of the signs.

The village's name, which has evolved over the years, is believed to come from a Bavarian nobleman called Focko in the sixth century AD.

The new name of Fugging comes into effect on January 1.


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