Folegandros: How to visit the unspoiled Greek island

According to Filippos Venetopoulos, adventure cruise manager, Peregrine Adventures: 
"Folegandros. It's at the southern end of the Cyclades Islands, 30 minutes by boat from Santorini but the population is small so ferry services are infrequent.

"We call it 'the secret Santorini' because it also has a caldera and it's incredibly beautiful, and it gets the same sunset that Santorini is famous for but it's not visited by cruise ships.

"There are just three small villages and the food served in the local tavernas is totally original. Not a lot of hotels but there are apartments for rent.

"Folegandros is for people who want to get away from the crowds and have an authentic taste of Greek Island life.

"It's very romantic, very quiet, there's no night life to speak of, the beaches are fantastic and you'll forget about any stress in your life.

"Folegandros is one of the islands that Peregrine Adventure Cruising will be visiting on our Greek Islands itinerary."