Should I give money or food to child beggars in India?

"We don't encourage travellers to purchase souvenirs, trinkets or other items from child sellers, or give money or food to children begging," says Pravin Tamang, general manager for Intrepid Travel in India.

"That's because it prevents children from accessing support services designed to keep them safe, healthy and at school. Unfortunately, I come across begging on the streets of Delhi every day and I find it especially challenging to not want to help when it is a child. But I've learnt to never give money to beggars, especially children.

"Those kids should be at school, because primary school education is provided free by the government in India. This type of begging is a criminal racket that goes deep, and as difficult as it is to ignore or look through an innocent child, I know that in the long run it is much more dangerous to the child and society if I support the criminals that these children work for."