What's the story behind the world's only motorbike temple?

Plenty of motorbike riders are devoted to their bikes, but few worship them with quite the same intensity as the Royal Enfield Bullet at Om Banna, a shrine just south of Jodhpur in India's Rajasthan.

One summer night in 1988, Om Singh Rathore was returning to his village when his motorbike hit a tree and he died on the spot.

The local police hauled the motorbike away to the station but overnight it disappeared and turned up the next morning at the accident spot.

The police scratched their heads and once again carted the motorbike away after emptying the tank and again it disappeared, only to return again to the fatal spot.

The police recognised the hand of the divine and left the two-wheeled wonder where it was. Seizing the opportunity, the local villagers built a shrine beside the tree, now an essential stop for highway travellers.

Throughout the day it's busy with worshippers who reverently circle the glass case in which the magic motorbike is encased, roped with marigold garlands, and only a foolish driver would tempt fate by passing by without paying their respects.