Gingin - Eat

Located 83 km north of Perth, Gingin is one of the oldest towns in Western Australia.

  • Contains:
The Drovers Inn

Moora - Places to See

Moora (including Dandaragan)
Substantial wheatbelt service centre.
Located 189 km north of Perth, Moora is a substantial wheatbelt town which depends for its livelihood upon the twin rural activities of sheep and wheat.

  • Contains:
The Merredin railway museum

Merredin - Places to See

Merredin (including Burracoppin)
'The Garden Town in the Heart of the Wheat-belt'.
Located on the Great Eastern Highway 259 km east of Perth and 314 m above sea level, Merredin is the most substantial settlement of the Central Wheat Belt. It is strategically located and, as the town promotion says, it likes to think of itself as 'The Garden Town in the Heart of the Wheat-belt'.

  • Contains:
Fields of wheat - typical of the area around Lake Grace

Lake Grace - Places to See

Lake Grace (including Lake King)
Small and typical wheatbelt township.
Lake Grace is a small town located 353 km south east of Perth. It is a typical wheatbelt township characterised by the inevitable grain silos, bulk loading facilities and single pub.

  • Contains:
Cunderdin Museum in the old pump house

Cunderdin - Places to See

Cunderdin (including Meckering)
Medium sized wheatbelt service town
Located 156 km east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway, Cunderdin is a typical wheatbelt town with a population of under 800 people.

  • Contains:
The Cuballing Hotel

Cuballing - Places to See

Tiny township which has changed little in 50 years
Located 192 km south-east of Perth, on the Great Southern Highway, the Cuballing district embraces the townships of Cuballing, Yornaning and Popanyinning. The hotel, the old bank (now closed), the Agricultural Hall (which seems no longer to be used), the Cuballing Roads Board Office (now the town's CWA Rooms) are all held in time as though nothing has happened in sixty years. The effect is that visiting Cuballing is like visiting a town in the 1920s or 1930s.

  • Contains:
The road 7km outside Corrigin

Corrigin - Places to See

A typical attractive wheatbelt town
Located 225 km south east of Perth and 295 metres above sea level, Corrigin is a neat and tidy town (it has won the Tidy Town award a few times) which is one of the most recent towns to appear in the wheatbelt. The town's road board wasn't established until 1913 and the railway didn't arrive until the following year. The apparent reason for this late development was that the major settlement factors in the wheatbelt (Hunt's wells, the railway, the movement of miners on their way to the Goldfields) all by passed the site of the current town. Consequently while there were sheep being run in the district as early as the 1860s (the leases of the Parker family - see Quairading - extended down into the present Corrigin Shire area) it wasn't until 1872 that D. G. Lynch took up a lease of 1000 acres which included Corrigin Well that any permanent settlement took place.

  • Contains:
The Coorow Hotel

Coorow - Places to See

Rural service centre for the surrounding wheat and sheep region
Located 262 km north of Perth on the Midlands Road, Coorow is a typical northern wheatbelt town with a tiny service centre which includes a hotel, a caravan park, a single main street and the inevitable bulk handling grain silos and railway line.

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