The McPerson Homestead build in 1869, Carnamah

Carnamah - Places to See

Typical wheatbelt service centre town
Located 308 km north of Perth, Carnamah is a typical northern wheat–belt town with a tiny town population of around 600 and a total shire population of about 1800. The shire, which stretches from the coast through the mining town of Eneabba to Carnamah and beyond encompasses a total area of 2834 sq km. The town basically comprises a rather modern Council Chambers, the inevitable railway line and grain loading facilities, a main street with a hotel which has been converted to include motel–style accommodation, and plenty of farm equipment saleyards.

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Late evening near Lake Dumbleyung

Dumbleyung - Places to See

Dumbleyung (including Lake Dumbleyung)
Small wheatbelt town with famous lake nearby
Dumbleyung is a small wheatbelt town located 275 km south east of Perth. No one knows exactly how the town got its name but it is likely that it is a corruption of the local Aboriginal word 'dambeling' which probably meant 'large stretch of water'. An alternative theory argues that it may well be derived from 'dumbung' which either meant a native pear tree or an Aboriginal game played with bent sticks and a hard piece of fruit.

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The main street of Dowerin

Dowerin - Places to See

Typical small wheatbelt service town
Located 156 km north east of Perth, Dowerin is a typical wheatbelt town with a tiny population of around 400 and the usual mandatory hotel, railway siding, wheat bulk handling facilities and small shopping centre to service the surrounding wheat and sheep farmers.

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Six Mile Cottage, A slab and stone cottage outside Darkan

Darkan - Places to See

Darkan (including Arthur River)
Small settlement servicing an area of sheep, wheat, and cattle raising
Located 202 km south east of Perth, Darkan is a small settlement servicing an area of sheep, wheat, and cattle raising. It is a little town on the western edge of the wheatbelt characterised by the usual solitary pub, shire office and sleepy settlement.

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The Old Well

Dalwallinu - Places to See

A town surrounded by wheat, sheep and wildflowers
Located 248 km from Perth via the Great Northern Highway, Dalwallinu is a typical wheat belt settlement and is part of Western Australia's famous 'wildflower way'.

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Goomalling Tavern

Goomalling - Places to See

Attractive wheatbelt town
Located 132 km east of Perth, Goomalling is a pretty little wheatbelt town with the mandatory pub, rail head, small service centre for the surrounding region and bulk handling wheat silos. Sheep and wheat created the town and sheep and wheat will sustain it.

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The Palace Hotel


Important and major centre in the wheatbelt
Wagin is located 228 km south east of Perth and 257 m above sea level. It is an important centre for the surrounding wheat and sheep industry with the inevitable grain silos and bulk loading facilities beside the railway line. The town also produces agricultural supplies including superphosphate and stock feed.

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Albert Facey's House


Famous as the home town of Bert Facey who wrote A Fortunate Life.
Located 214 km south east of Perth, Wickepin is a typical wheatbelt town with the usual grain silos, railway line and bulk loading facilities.

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