Where have all the Boeing 737 Max aircraft gone?

Grounded since March 2019 in the wake of twin airline disasters, the world's fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft has been biding its time awaiting re-certification.

Southwest Airlines, with the largest 737 MAX fleet, has dispatched its 34 aircraft to holiday in the warm, low-humidity environment of the Southern California Logistics Airport.

However most 737 MAXs have been stranded at the airports where they were when the grounding order came into effect.

When Norwegian Air tried to ferry one of its MAXs from Spain to Sweden in June, the aircraft was forced to land in France when Germany refused entry into its airspace.

Norwegian now has 18 737 MAX aircraft at several European airports in Britain, Norway and Spain and one in Israel. China Southern Airlines, the largest China-based operator of the Boeing 737 MAX, has 25 aircraft parked at three airports in China.

Since the grounding took effect, about 180 of the aircraft have rolled off Boeing's production line, with nowhere to go. 

Some 40 are parked at Boeing's test facility at Moses Lake near Seattle. Another 60 sit at Boeing Field close to the 737 production facility in Renton, Washington, taking up space in Boeing employees' parking lots.

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