Best holiday destinations for kids: Kidzcationz is the TripAdvisor for kids

Is there anything more annoying than being outsmarted by a child?

Last week, I discovered a 12-year-old had developed a TripAdvisor for kids.

Bella Tipping, from Dubbo, created Kidzcationz after a holiday to the States.

"Mum was filling out a TripAdvisor review and she liked a hotel where we had stayed," she says. "The fold-out bed I had was uncomfortable and the kids' meals were the same old dried-out nuggets and pasta. To me, it was like the parents mattered, but the kids didn't."

So, I've taken a leaf from Bella's book for this week's column.

These are the top trips from 393 nine- to 12-year-olds on the Kids Board at


Seeing the white stuff is a thrill, especially for kids more accustomed to beaches. Some of the best slopes in the world are only a short flight away, including Cardrona and Coronet Peak. "The runs are amazing, and so challenging, but there are also some great options if you're not as experienced. Plus, you get to feel like you're in Middle Earth!" says  Bound Round junior reporter, Isaac.


With warm locals, affordable resorts, and endless water sports, Fiji is the most popular international destination for Australian families. Kids Board member Daniel says, "With so many awesome experiences, you'll never be bored. My 'must dos' are snorkelling with the manta rays, visiting the mud baths and going on the Sigatoka Off Road Cave Safari."



While Uluru is often the first choice for families seeking an Indigenous experience, the Kids Board recommends the Tiwi Islands, off Darwin. Lucy from Bound Round says: "There's nothing more Australian than visiting the Tiwi people on the Tiwi Islands. Your eyes get opened to so much of their culture, that we should all be so proud of."


Kids love staying in lighthouses, tree houses, or zoos. "There's something really cool about going to sleep listening to sounds you don't normally hear at home. A lighthouse off the coast of Victoria is one of my favourite holidays of all time, hearing the waves crashing beside us at bedtime," junior journalist Paris says.


No matter how old they are, kids are intrigued by animals. Bound Rounder Mia says, "We've done a heap of holidays where we've come face to face with animals, but I'd have to say feeding a croc is high on my list of highlights. Oh, and diving in the Reef with all that amazing coral and fish of every colour!"

As for our kids, well, 10-year-old Taj reckons you can't beat Club Med Kani in the Maldives because of, "all the awesome activities and beautiful beaches", while nine-year-old Grace loves New Caledonia where, "you can practise speaking French, and eat delicious cheese".

You might just have a budding travel entrepreneur in your family.

Maybe there are benefits to being outsmarted by kids...?

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