Which nation eats the most chocolate?

On average, every resident of Switzerland eats 8.8 kilograms of chocolate every year.

That's more than any other nation, and perhaps not too surprising in the home of such famous names as Lindt, Toblerone  and Cailler, which dates back to 1819 and is the oldest Swiss chocolate brand still in existence.

Austria is in second place, followed by Germany, Ireland and the UK, all with an annual average consumption in excess of 7 kilograms per annum.

The Europeans are the chocolate heavyweights, taking all the top 13 places in the world's league tables – but not all Europeans. It's the European nations with long, cold winters that are the chocolate champs. Italy and Spain are comparative laggards, munching less than 3 kilograms per person annually. That's surprising in Italy, home of Baci Perugina and Ferrero Rocher.

The first non-European nation to appear on the league tables is New Zealand, noshing 5 kilograms for each and every citizen in 2017.

Australian is not too far behind at 4.9 kilograms per annum on average, which puts us on equal footing with Denmark and the Czech Republic.

In China, the average annual consumption in 2017 was a paltry 100 grams.