"Bloody ripper" ... the palette of colours in Flinders Ranges National Park.

Poetry in the peaks

The hike into the heart of the majestic Flinders Ranges takes six days — but it carries Brian Johnston back millions of years.

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Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby, Flinders Ranges

Sole searching

Michael Gebicki follows a trail back to the dawn of life on Earth, in South Australia's Flinders Ranges.

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Bird's-eye views ... emus check out visitors at Brachina Gorge.

The highs of a slow road

How rough could it be, thought Lee Atkinson as she headed into the Flinders Ranges. Then she took Public Access Route 4.

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Roads to somewhere ... afternoon drinks.

Broad horizons

It may be hard to define, but the rich history and stunning landscape of the outback provides an ideal backdrop for journeys of discovery, writes Max Anderson.

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Outback spectacular ... a Cazneaux tree with Wilpena Pound in the background.

Flinders keepers

While settlers have come and gone, leaving only ruins behind, Carmen Michael finds the harsh landscape and uncompromising beauty of Wilpena Pound endures.

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Wilpena Pound - Fast Facts

Wilpena Pound
One of Australia's most famous landmarks and an area of excellent bushwalking
There's a postcard of Wilpena Pound, a magnificent aerial view of this almost perfectly formed geological bowl, which declares: 'Did you know - An aerial view of Wilpena Pound, the floor of which is 200 metres higher than the surrounding country. The highest point is St Mary's Peak which is 1188 metres above sea level. The pound is 17 km long and 8 km wide and contains 8960 hectares.'

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