World's longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens in Switzerland: Photos and video

Fear of heights? Don't look down from the "Europabruecke". The world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge, with a length of 494 metres opened on the weekend in Randa, Switzerland.

The suspension bridge hangs 85 metres above the Grabengufer ravine, which sits at the foot of one of the the highest mountains in Switzerland, the Dom (4545 metres).

The bridge is situated on the Europaweg, a high-altitude hiking trail, that connects the villages of Zermatt and Graechen.

World's longest suspension bridge opens

Almost 500 metres long and at points 85 metres off the ground, this walking bridge traversing the Swiss Alps is not for the faint-hearted.

The Zermatt tourist office claims it is "one of the most beautiful panorama hiking paths in Switzerland".

The previous bridge closed in 2010 due to unstable terrain, forcing hikers to make a long detour down into the valley and then climb 500 metres back up the trail.

Take a look at the new bridge in the photo gallery and video above.

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