World's most annoying tourists named

Americans have been voted the worst tourists in a survey of 400 Australians by the website LivingSocial (

And it seems they agree with the assessment, with Americans placing themselves at the top of the list for the US version of the same survey.

Thirty per cent of Australians surveyed said the US produced the worst tourists, ahead of China (19 per cent), India (18 per cent) and Japan (16 per cent).

German travellers, who are often stereotyped as being difficult, were nominated by only 10 per cent of Australian respondents, although they were placed in the No.1 spot by British travellers (who, in turn, were named the worst travellers by their Irish neighbours).

Australians put themselves on an equal footing with German travellers, with 10 per cent of Australian respondents believing their home country produced the worst tourists.

The survey also revealed that Australians are far from perfect travellers, with 22 per cent admitting to stealing from a hotel.

Towels were the most common item smuggled into suitcases, followed by bathrobes, batteries, remote controls and even sheets and pillows.