World's most expensive hotels found in New York City

Research into the prices of more than 60,000 hotels, hostels and apartments has revealed which cities have the most expensive rooms.

A survey from GoEuro, a European travel information website, compared the prices of everything from five-star hotels to hostels and even AirBNB rentals, to reveal the average price a traveller can expect in a city.

The most expensive accommodation in the world is found in New York, where the average price across all categories was found to be $299 a night. A fair way behind the Big Apple was St Moritz, the Swiss ski and hiking destination, where rooms were an average of $190.

Macao, in China, followed with an average rate of $203 a night, which was the same rate as was found in Miami. Nassau in the Bahamas was next, on $180 a night, followed closely by Boston in the US, on $179 a night. Venice ($177), Dubai ($171) and San Francisco ($171) followed, with Monte Carlo ($162) – famous for its casinos and high rollers – rounding off the 10 most expensive cities

In terms of five-star hotels, luxury comes with the highest price tag in Punta Cana, a resort in the Dominican Republic, where upmarket hotels cost an average of $1608 a night.

St Moritz followed with a $835 rate average; then Miami and Reims, both on $825 a night; and New York, where five stars were an average of $813 a night.

Sydney came in at number 20, with an average rate of $138 per night, while Melbourne came in at number 24 with an average rate of $123 a night.

While hostels are still the cheapest option for travellers, in some cities they are nearly the same price as budget hotels.

New York, again, was the priciest, with dormitories here a not-to-be-sniffed-at $78 a night on average. In Miami they were $63 a night, the second most expensive of the 150 cities surveyed, and in Zurich and St Moritz $57 and $55 respectively. Aberdeen, in Scotland, also made the top five most expensive cities for hostels, probably due to the high demand for budget beds from the city's population of oil rig workers.


In the UK, London was the most expensive when all accommodation types were considered, coming 14th most expensive in the world, followed by Liverpool (18th) and Aberdeen (27th).

Leeds had the highest average price for five-star hotels in the UK, at $579 a night, above London's $522 a night.

The cities with the most expensive rooms

1. New York, USA

2. St Moritz, Switzerland

3. Macao, China

4. Miami, USA

5. Nassau, Bahamas

6. Boston, USA

7. Venice, Italy

8. Dubai, UAE

9. San Francisco, USA

10. Monte Carlo, Monaco

The Telegraph, London