World's rudest plane passenger removes shoes, then pants, on flight

Rude and ridiculous passengers on planes

Flying to your destination used to be reserved for the rich and famous, now everyone, including the trouserless can enjoy the convenience of flight.

Air travel is stressful enough without the irritating habits of other passengers. They fart, burp, snore, cough, loiter in the aisle, yank themselves upright using your headrest and indulge in smalltalk when you're clearly trying to enjoy a novel. But at least they keep their trousers on, right?

Actually, no. Next time you think you've been lumped with the fellow flier from hell, spare a thought for Kumail Nanjiani. On a flight last week the Pakistani-American stand-up comedian found himself sat alongside a gentleman who deemed it acceptable to remove his jeans at 35,000 feet and lounge around in his boxer shorts for the duration of the flight.

The man didn't just sit still, trying not to be noticed. He thrust his bare legs as high as they would go as if determined for all on board to witness his recklessness. Naturally, Nanjiani was incensed – as his incredulous tweets demonstrate.

Surely the cabin crew would intervene? After four hours, they tried.

But the man would not be defeated. "5 mins go by & he thrusts one foot back up like a fist raised against an unjust sky," quipped Nanjiani.

It wasn't just the lack of trousers that caused consternation. He was, according to the comic, rude to the cabin crew:


He got in the way of wheelchair users trying to board the plane:

And ignored the seatbelt signs when he finally decided it was time to get dressed:

The most worrying part? He'll never learn his lesson.

The Telegraph, London

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