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Andrew Bain specialises in adventures and can usually be found walking, cycling or paddling in empty corners of the world.

Even if you're going for a day walk, make sure you take the essentials.

The 10 essential things you need to take on any hike

So much of the enjoyment of hiking is dependent on how little gear you can carry, but there are some items you simply shouldn't walk without.

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Explore by kayak: Raja Ampat islands, West Papua.

The top 10 greatest adventures in Asia

Looking for an adrenaline-rush on your next Asia trip? Here are the top 10 things to get the blood racing.

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Hong Kong's urban disguise hides the secret of the stunning natural world around it.

The hidden nature in Hong Kong

This city has a secret: it's not all skyscrapers, food and commerce. In fact, it is composed of around 70 per cent green space.

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