Australia's priciest city for tourists named

Bad news for would-be tourists to Perth: the WA capital is Australia's priciest for a night out, according to a new survey.

TripAdvisor's TripIndex assessed the cost of a hotel room, dinner, drinks and taxis in Australia's ten largest destinations.

It estimates that the average cost of an evening out for two in Perth during the winter months of June, July and August, will add up to $430.83, with costs being driven by expensive hotel prices.

In contrast, Wollongong was rated as the Australian city offering the best value for a 24-hour stay, costing $339.84 for a night out.

Melbourne was rated the most expensive city to dine out, while Sydney had the most expensive cocktails.

The total figures were reached by adding up the price for two of a one night stay in a four-star hotel, cocktails, a two-course dinner with wine and return taxi transportation.

The calculated price of a night in four-star accommodation in Perth ($212.32) saw the WA capital outstrip other Australian cities, including Brisbane ($183.11 for a four-star hotel, leading to a night-out total of $408.70), Canberra ($210.58, leading to $389.54), Sydney ($166.29, leading to $389.27), and Melbourne ($145.02, leading to $379.07).

"TripIndex helps travellers see where they will get more bang for their buck," TripAdvisor spokeswoman Jean Ow-Yeong said on Friday.

TripIndex Australia Destinations (City; Total Cost)

1. Perth $430.83

2. Brisbane $408.70

3. Canberra $389.54

4. Sydney $389.27

5. Melbourne $379.07

6. Sunshine Coast $374.03

7. Gold Coast $370.49

8. Adelaide $356.12

9. Newcastle $355.44

10. Wollongong $339.84