Avoid buying next to nightmare neighbours

How do you avoid buying property with nightmare neighbours?

Q We have lived next door to nightmare neighbours previously and are about to buy again. How do we make sure we don't buy another house with nightmare neighbours?

Glenn, Kogarah

A Most neighbours are great, until you have to deal with them. Then they start asking you to desist from kicking footballs over the fence into their dinner plate, or to remove escaped children from their rooftop. So uptight!

Bearing in mind that your ideal neighbour is another person's Freddy Krueger, the trick is to check them out first. Before you start doorknocking the street, though, don't bother asking the vendors given that they are unlikely to warn you about their issues with Mr Krueger.

And rather than invent a complicated spiel about a research paper into neighbourhood disputes in the area, opt for the truth.

Bear in mind that the neighbour you talk to might be the problem, so ask two or three others as well. If they all slam the door in your face, perhaps that's enough said.